my character

well this is my character as u can c im pretty damn poor for a lvl 87… im the one with the white beret

Not that bad, good job and good luck on raising it further.

yea atm im fishing 10k of lobsters… getting fishing up to 76 and cooking to 80

my previouse account was a rune pure

with 31 prayer
40 def
72 str
61 attk

22s with b axe pot and pray
19 with scimmy pot and pray
20 with rune long pot and pray
20 with warhammer pot and pray
23s with rune 2h pot and pray

i poon in wildly
i pked 3 rune sets from lots of people my lv

ummm ok…

It isn’t that bad. You could do alot more worse you know.

lol yea i know i could only be wearing normal full rune

Thats not too bad :slight_smile: 10k lobs- Thats gonna take ages lol. Your fishing and cooking is liek good :P. Nice outfit too :slight_smile:


wow ur really aweseom lol!
off topic: what website is that thing that ur using on?

nice!..good luck on getting those fishing levels!

That’s really good. I wish I had full rune. Well, good luck on fishing and cooking.

Nice charactar - Is she a member?

Nice Character… Hope you get to your goal of 76 fishing and 80 cookin…

Is that port sarim?

Uhh…yea you are kinda poor for a lvl 87 lol…

nice char and good luck with 10k lobs :slight_smile: