My clan banner...took me 3 hours to make

Say if you like…and DONT BUG ME TO ADD YOUR NAME TO IT lol…

i like it alot =) its shiny

Lol yea its very nice, im sure ur clan is proud. Also ive noticed a lot of ppl on RSR are part of that clan. Who else is in it off of RSR?

LOL. The old one worked fine. Though it says “join today”, I applied yesterday.

Off topic but you should reduce your sig.

That took u three hours to make? did u make the background graphics too? i mean other than the background it looks like just edit/copy/paste from there on.

wow thats cool


i dont like it =X

It seems too cluttered like a colage made in 3rd grade, doesnt flow at all

like owl said… and you did 3 hours bout that lil easy 20 minute sig? (srry for the abusing)

i dont think its very good sorry

its ok for someone of your experience lvl

Make our clan proud, but I’m not on there :sad:

It looks pretty cool…
…plain and simple!

Lol on the forums you said you made it out of paint, you try to make that out of paint! And aww my names not in it =,(

yea lots of names and stuff i like it

Lots of offense but, I don’t really like it that much. I joined anyway.

Kool, I’m on it. You might want to take me off, since I’m not in clan any more.

um ok its allright

its not even that good. i would expect proffesional qulity from 3 hours of work

  • Gasp * When did this happen???

It’s okay. Not that good though. You can’t really make any of it out.