My dads new drawing.

interestingly awesome…its radical…its…its…amazing

Interesting…10/10 its crazy!

10/10! is he an artist? He is absolutely fantastic at drawing!

woah i agree with sk8 i give him/you a 10/10! :smiley: :twisted: :smiley: :twisted:

Here is another drawing

amazzing 10/10

wow! 9/10

I give the 2nd one an 8/10

son of a monkey i can’t see the darn thing

wow! there both amazine but i like the second one best 11111111111111110/10 :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

wow thats awesome 10-10 i cant draw or nething so thats great to me

hmmm i never liked that kind of pictures

i love it tell him i sed wonderful piece. i think it is a mix of home appliances

Wow I love it man. Your dad is pretty good at it (actually awesome at it)

he has a good imagination i could never think of some thing like that

how much? we shall start the bids at say £100?

Ok how much would you bid? :slight_smile:

Woot that shud go to the museum of modern art.

wow, i think 10/10 for the first one and 9/10 for the second. I can’t really understand the second one fully.