My Day at WWE Raw ( for WWE fans)

Yesterday I went to a wrestling event. It was in Birmingham, Alabama, where I’m from. It was a WWE event, RAW. It was awesome, I saw my favorite wrestler Batista! :smiley: I was so happy. It was probably one of the loudest events I have ever been too. There was a lot of surprises that night such as when Randy Orton RKOed Stacy Keibler. It was weird because i saw a ton of Christians “peeps” there. Before they Showed RAW they for some reason had some matches such as Gene Snitsky and Val Venis on for Sunday Night Heat. The crowd was into this night the whole time. Batista beat Kane!

Batista the next Champ!

jesousy sticken 8O
ur so lucky

personally i think it all sux cuz its fake, raw that just sounds like it hurts, i wouldnt watch that

OK, well thats your opinion… We’ll I can’t post my whole gallery of pics in here so I got one of My favorite wrestler Batista! :smiley: The original picture is much bigger but it would take to long to load…

kane should of won. batista turned his back on HHH now, thats really bad
lol kane took down and the lumber jacks after he hit jene snitsky
batista is a monster look at his beasty muscles

so i suppose your a Kane fan?

no, not really. i like randy orton and the undertaker

Takers my favorite on SMACKDOWN! and Batista(of course) on RAW. Are you going to order Wrestle Mania? I know I am. And another thing I noticed was that you like Orton and Taker when they have a match against eachother at Wrestle Mania21. Who will you be going for? I think Taker will kick his butt… or at least I hope so