My day ~~ The official guide!!!

Well, it was about 5:30 when I finally decided to get off my lardy butt because the internet was down and there was nothing I could do so… I went next door to my little neighbors house and kicked his butt at Halo2… so after that it was about 7:00 and we decided that heck, we have about 6 or 7 bucks, lets go get milk shakes… We walked down to the little restraunt a bit of a ways from my house and bought 2 medium milkshakes at “Millers 5” <–restraunt…

About 30 minutes after that I had convinced my neighbor to pick up some of the spare bottomless boxes laying around the street, so Me and him had these two cardboard boxes with no bottoms or tops, and we were walking down Main Street with them, We walked past the movie theater, there were people outside practicing dance moves and they saw us so I screamed…

“ahhhhh! I’ve been spotted!!! Abort! Abort! Abort!!! run!!!”
so we just started running down the street, and I looked back and saw my neighbor running behind me in his box so the I yelled…

“ahhhhhh! I’m being chased by a box!!!” “oh dear god! It’s catching upto me!!!”
We ran past the movie theater, the bar, and millers 5 (where this certain someone i know/like works…) and the whole time i was just screaming this lol…

Finally we came back to my house and I convinced my bro (demonspitfir here…) to come with me and my neighbor… so we got him a box and we walked back down town… We saw more people around so we did the whole “ahhh! im being chased by a box!” thing, and when we got bored of that we kept acting like spies walking past the movie theater, hiding in our boxes lmao… it was great… :slight_smile:

So, at the end of the day this is how it went down…
1.) we went to get milkshakes
2.) we decided to run around wearing boxes like camoflauge
3.) we ran around downtown yelling “ahhh I’m being chased by boxes!!!”
4.) we convinced my bro to come
5.) we repeated step 3…
6.) we annoyed people down town
7.) we went home to find out that we are retarded…

And that is how my day went… lol :slight_smile:


Well…uhhh…im kind of speechless after that.

at least i know that you can easily amuse yourself lol

sounds like an A+++ day!!

The boxes told me to do it… >_<:cloud9:

I’m like crack, and your all my druggies…:cloud9:


lol sounds like u had alot of fun
that would have been funny if the ppl at the theater didnt notice and u just kinda snuk up on them as giant boxes

^^ Boxes will take over the world!!! ^^



i like this guied 10/10

it helps very much on my runescape account XD

Wanna switch days? :frowning:

Nice but your wrong boxes are already taking over the world.

Rofl :smiley:

Is demonspitfir your bro? Learn summat new every day :smiley:

^^ yeah, demons my bro, and believe this or not… but my neighbor kid is named kenny lmao…

Hehe, kenny. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways looks like you had fun, hope no one noticed the mayhem you caused with boxes o.0

I sat at home and done nothing all day…

well, grab a box and come with me then! 0.0! :slight_smile: :smiley:

just tell me when and where!

My house! 5:30pm tomorrow!!! :smiley:


wicked guild, lol!

does creepy kind of catch any of your minds? lol anyways seems kind of funny to see…kinda wierd o to do lol

Dude what type of boxes are those? Polysterine A Mega tripple plus or polysterine A mega tripple poop. Tripple poop ftw!

Man, I wish I had more kids in my neighborhood. :smiley:

as far as i know they are just cardboard boxes 0.0

^^ move to my neighbor hood, live in da huud gee! %%