My depressing revelation

I am going through a pont in my life when i realize that I haven’t gone out with or kissed a single girl. The girls at my school openly state that no hot guys go there and there is only 1 couple in the whole Sophomore class. Meanwhile, my friends who go to other schools have had tons of gf’s and lost their virginity. I just want to go out with some1 for once because I need the experience. I’m a poet so I am pretty useless without a girl. All my poems are about fantasies that will never come true. No, I don’t want to lose my virginity I just want to have a date for prom when I’ma senior and get a first kiss b4 I am 20. I feel like there is a whole world I am being left out of and it passes by all around me, taunting me constantly.

  I have no enemies at my school.  In fact, I am famous and quite popular.  So far, I have written 2 completed songs and every know and then a sonnet or haiku.  It just puzzles me why I have no girl by my side.

i had a gf then got mad at here and broke up

Sam… I should be more worried about that if I acutally cared to have a girlfriend and my first kiss before 20… I’m almost 19 and I’ve never had a girlfriend or kissed another girl… Not to be offensive but it’s life… I’m sure you’ll get a girl eventually… As for me, I really don’t care for love or family in the future… I mean it would be nice but I’m not going to kill myself if I never have a girl… BTW, don’t feel like you’re the only one who feels the world just passes you by without noticing you at all… I’m in the same boat but I really don’t care for the world to notice me… Heck, I’d prefer not to have the world notice me… But then again, you are a poet and that’s different from a person like me who’s training to be some kind of doctor or biologist…

ahhhhhhhhh!Why is eveyone making love stories?Just make one big post insted of making multiple ones.

I really don’t need/want a gf yet. All they do is cost u money

Sam, you should get involved in other things if you want to meet women. I’ve done a couple plays in a youth theater and met my first girlfriend their. My second girlfriend, I met in a church choir. That’s a good way to get a girl, especially if the girls are like the ones in your school…

dont u think that maybe all the girls at ur school are stoopid blondes who just go out with guys who wear trucker hats and mess around and sit around all day doin nothin? its like that at my school
sickmate 8)

Hey man. There’s nothing wrong with not having a girlfriend. I’m 20 and have never had one, nor been kissed. Yes, I wouldn’t mind having a girlfriend, but when the right time comes, and the right girl, then I guess I’ll have one. I have lots of friends who are female, and we always do stuff in groups. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single.
Anyway, wait till the right girl comes along. Don’t just go after the first girl that seems mildly interested in you. Become friends first, and if something happens, then maybe persue the relationship farther.

Perhaps we need a new board

name = Love
desricption = come and disscuss your worrys and woes about the opposite sex


yer cos it seems half the topics here are about love
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I really don’t need/want a gf yet. All they do is cost u money

Hehe, don’t forget most of your free time as well… Not saying that girlfriends are bad or anything but college is my priority and since I wanna be a doctor or somesorts… I’m gonna have to bust my butt to get into friggin med school…