my first buddy

plz rate my first buddy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

it’s not bad for a first. You should work on the left hand because it looks kinda odd. i also do not understand why the rune arrow is above the buddy. Even though buddy’s are very simple to make, not bad for a first. But as i said before, work on the postiontiong of the hand and it will be better. Also, do something else with that arrow.

i wanted that arrow to look like it was about to hit my buddy. lol

and yeah i didnt no wat to do with the left hand. lol

lol ok i understand now. It just looks like it is just suspended in the air. try and move the hand a little bit back and it will look a little better.

pretty good buddie for your first time if you tried to make the rune arrow look as if it was going to attack your buddy i wouldve added like lines alongside the arrow to make it look like its moving through the air also i have noticed you saved the picture in a .jpeg format which is bad very bad bad move because the picture gets messed up next time when u save click save as > save as type : > PNG (*.PNG) click that and then ok and it wont look scratchy.
i spent a few minutes trying to fix it up for you if u want to use as your avatar ive added two fingers holding that green thing that i dunno wat it is but thinking its a prayer book anyways here is your fixed archer mask guy

yeh, pretty good for ur first buddy, though the head looks a bit odd. I like the color of the bow… lol. Good job! :wink: