My First ever car sig sort of thing


This is my fisrt ever sig sort of thing and idecided to do it on a car number plate, if you like it i have loads of car pics and i can make you one for u for the value of only 5k! thats it 5k !..


RS Username:b8by[/SIZE]

sorta obvious that u blanked it out. not that good sorry.

what kind of car is that? i can’t tell…

its called a ‘koengsiegg’ or something like that its reallly fast its top speed is like 240mph.

You Really Blanked out, Didn’t you?
Sorry about this one… 4/10

Eh, not so good. 5/10 for that one, too obvious that you blacked it out. And 5k for those quality of signatures is not very good.


i thatnk you for ur comments and i hope i will make a much better sig

ty for ur comments