my first ever maze

self explanitory

Cool, congratz. Did you get anything good?

I’ve gotten two mazes so far.
So…what did you get?

yeh i got 700 deaths from 1

i only got some str potions(2) and 700 gold i wasnt trying to get the chests

How could you not!
700 gold? or 700 gold ore?
Cause if that’s 700 gold, then that’s pretty sad lol.

700 gp
;sklfhd(post too short)

cool lol i like the :sklfhd

i only had like 2 mazes one froze on me and i got nothing

cool! ive played for 3 years (i know its a bad sig then but i did not understanded english) and i have NEVER tryed to come into a maze…arh ok i start in classic and there was no mazes but…what ever…COOL!!!