My first ever signature

Yes ladies and gentlemen i have just purchased photoshop cs2 today and i have already cranked out my first sig. It is really bad i know but i am testing out my “skills” which i dont have yet. Comments plz

Ps. That is my car

hey u want some text tuts and some grunge tuts?

lol hes using paint!!! cant you tell?!

what are tuts sorry, i am new to this but thx for the help guys

tuts are tutorials. if u want any pm me

cmon!!! are you seruosly beliving that this guy has photoshop??? its paint!!! i mean cmon i just got paint shop pro 3 days ago and look at my sig!!! this guy is LYING!!!

THERE BOTH LIES!!! like thats his car!!

woh dude calm dude. why do u care if he has it or not. he may have he may not. Why would he lie if he didnt. it doesnent make sence. NOw plz take a chill pill ans calm down… :expressio

well be seriose now.
does this look like its from photoshop?
or this? lol you made it!!

well then maybe they dont then they live with their lying but its not like anyones paying for one of their sigs