my first fake pic plz rate

umm not that great slight ly blurry…plz give me feed bac and some tips o ya the armour is really rune armour

if you want i can tell you how to make actual screen shots instead of shitting ones like that

i mean paint doesnt even make it look that bad

my bad if your on a 256 color but if not then thats just a shitty looking screenshot

i mean as in the blurriness not the actuall thing

i dont hav paint so i did it on this other crappy pic thing

there is no picture there

i think it is ok

i cant see the pic … :cry:

it should be here now…

I can see the pic. What kind of computer did you use and what kind of program did you use? The picture is very blurry and unclear and there are lines going across the screen.

That is one blurry pic right there…

ok i suek at computers i dont hav paint so i copied the screen put it in Microsoft words, print it(there are lines cuz my colour ink is low), scann it, used Adobe Photo Deluxe and i saved it and i uded image shack and hosted it…see i suek at comp.

i can’t c the pic wither

i cant see the pic. all my codes settings are on. maybe youre not a windows user?