My first finished pixel (thanks to stoop11 for inspiration)

I sucked at drawing a person, so I rubbed him out. It is a simple scene, with a tree and a path.

Thanks alot to stoop for getting me off my butt and trying it.

is that your 1st?

7/10 nice shadows but generally a bit plain, 10/10 though for first effort

Yeah it was my first. I was doing me in Full Rune, but I stuffed it.

That is a lot better than i could do. I cant draw to save my life. 10/10 :slight_smile:

That is really good for a first effort 9/10

I tryed, but it didn’t turn out :frowning:

well i can’t draw that well in paint, so 10/10. I also highly doubt i can draw that well normally

it looks really plain
but it is nice :idea: :idea:
8) 8) 8)

hey azgolar im in ur clan but i never got a message 2 my msn confirming it?

Umm…I’d expect a little more effort put in, a bit more detail and some…umph, but apart from that great!

~ ewok

interesting…kinda…em…bit plain but for an amateur drawing kool lol

Yeah, it could use work but the thing that matters is that you did awesome for your first try… Pixel sigs made in MS paint seems pretty hard to do… Good job… 9/10… Keep up the good work…

yah i drew my guy in my sig on paint, than edited him on PS

not that bad,as its ur first time 8/10

Pretty good picture, good for your first pixel one, like said before. Also, it looks very plain. You should add a cave or something in the background.

Great for a first try! id say hmm 9/10 because its been said before kinda plain :? maybe i should try one. ill do a person seperatley and if its any good at all ill put in the pic but if its not ill post seperatley so u can laugh at me (most likely :oops: )

thats pretty sweet 9/10

not bad for a first i know i cant draw at all so i am saying good job

i can draw manga i might draw one for my sigg i made sum and their pretty sweet u guys have all seen hellboy rite well i drew a pic of him and its my fav only took me about 30mins so i think im good at it if i find the pics then i will make a topic and show u guys them i know that they are all the same figure but im working on drawing a dragon torching a guy i think it will be pretty cool once im done