My first level 80 skill!


Rate my stats too pl0xz0rz

After you click the link click the picture to see a bigger clearer pic


What …

congatz i have’nt had the pleasure of getting a lvl 80 skill yet =(
if i do it will probaly be wc as well

Gratz, my first 80+ skill was fishing :eek:

Yay well done, im 79 wc nearly there :smiley: Anyway my first 80 stat was range

well done i dont have a lvl 80 skill :frowning:

Spam much?

Congratulations on 80 woodcutting, we should have raced there… I’m about 40k XP from it :P.

Nice. My only 80+ skill is wcing too. It’s lvl 84 atm

I had 20K xp :smiley: :tongue: