My First Load Of Smite Kills

Well, i recently got Smite and here are my first pk’s using it :slight_smile:

Now for the kills,

I know there aren’t many there. When i get back from rugby i’ll pk some more and then post them.

nice ownage smited kills there! :wink: smite ftw

Nice to see someone is having fun pking. I try, but I die…

Nice kills. Youre around my combat I see.:cool:

iceteaz logged in !!!

nice kills. :wub:

nice, how do you smite a helm??

Well they have 4 items and i get rid of their prayer using smite, thus they cannot protect item thir helmet.

ohhhhhhhhh duh… Ic… Thank you for explainin it

lol dude NICE. keep up the good pks with your smiting.

sweet stuff … by smiting do u mean that there protect one items runs out ?

For every hit i do 25% of it is taken off of their prayer. E.g if i hit a 20 five points from their prayer will be taken off.

nice kills…now just go get a whip =]

Ahh, nice kills. Im sure you will be smiting some whips soon enough.

Can you kill actual PKers though or is it just people who are killing drags that you can handle?

Nice kills! :smiley:

This morning when i was on i checked world 2, 18 and 66 and there were no pures my level at greens or at low level. So i decided to kill some drag killers.

(Well i did kill H3llz Beav3r with a friend and had Pk Zorbes run from me 3 times but they don’t count)

nice rune med pk! lol nice kills

nice kills i guess smite helped then :smiley:

wow nice kills :smiley:

wow nice killz, i like the one with the dragon b axe

Pretty nice ones there, im 1 lvl til smite to :D.