My First Look at a New Weapon/Armor!

The name of it was too weird to remember. Something like…


or something…

it’s a ring you trow at your opponent like a dagger or a knive

If you have seen Xena the warrior princess you’d know

yeah! i saw that in castle wars :D, it r00lz ya all :wink:

wicked new weapon!!! me want me want

o!..i seen someone wit it and didnt no what it was!

those are cool weapons but its to hard to get the tokkul

the weapon stats arent as good as dragon weaps though, i bought the new sword for 200k, its highest stat was +55slash, so i re-sold it for 300k, than i bought the shield, it was as good as a granite…i dont think tere to good

I got like 28 of those ring weapons from a drop if anyone wants to buy? sorry to hijack.

thay arnt that good unless u have alot :\

What does that do anyways is it a melee attack or a range?

whered you get that ring thing???

i had one of those then i got dag drop traded it for mace then i got 400k :] lucky for me

coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :cool:

buy new maul 95 strength 84 crush something like that 72 slash

i have one also, mine was 30k i think i was ripped, tey r sooo good i hot 25’s with 63 ranged.

i bought the new maul for 300k, i hope i wasn’t ripped to bad!

yeah good weapon

dude thw only good things r the shield and staff

lol one of the new weps they look cool

I want the sheild :frowning: