My first picture of a new kind of ore and pickaxe

Ok, this picture I made along time ago like 2months ago, I think It’s ok.

Not bad… looks cool 9/10 …whats it called :wink:

Dragon ore And Dragon Pickaxe :slight_smile: .

Hmm, dragon pick and ore. You need 110 mining (mining potion, 70 herblore to make) to mine it? You can only find it in deep, deep wildy…see Blink’s topic on Dragon smithing :stuck_out_tongue: just a few ideas

~ ewok

Nice Good Job!


lol well I did this before blink probably ever though of it lol it’s like 3months old today lol[/quote]


i never accused you of leeching her idea (well, the topic anyway). I just said that maybe that’s what the smithing table would look like. Funnily enough, I done something a bit like that though just the pick, and it’s a bit darker :p.

~ ewok

looks ok, but its a bit bright… as I said in your other post, get paint shop pro because you can keep the shading that the pic originally had, but just change the color 7/10

looks cool but its right next to the miners guild in fally. wouldnt that make it too easy to get for high lvl miners? and also wouldnt it only be in members world considering that drag armor is members only

Well I couldn’t put it in mining guild because I’m not a high enough mining level to go in.

Wow man! that looks freakin real!!!

Lol Thank you.