my first picture!

its not very good, i was gettin used to paint…

not vary good but for 1st 7/10

thnx ill keep trying!

Since it’s your first… I’ll give you a 6/10…

u could crop it tho

you should get rid of everything outside the main picture as its unnecisary and to make the dragon pickaxe a little more believable try zooming in real close and make the existing pickaxe the right colour (dont go outside of the existing pickaxe)

I rate it 5/10

hmmm… ill rate it 4/10, but keep trying and you will get better!

Exactly waht i luv rs said… except i rate it a 6/10, and there has been like 5 people who posted pics of d picks lol.

here is a link on how to crop pics

thank you jeremy manley, diggity please read that link because it will show you to crop your pictures

that sucks -10/1000 :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude your mean. Even if you standing 40 feet away your just mean!!! :x

,how do u take screen shots?

It is so bad that it deserves my 10/10 lol. Keep it up and learn morwe tricks. DOnt give up. BTW S. Cali= Northern Mexico. We have over 15% of the Mexican population giving us the lowest literacy rate, gpa averages, and sat scores of all the other states. We are the dumbest yeah. Lets all thank Mexico for siphoning our economy and making us have 90 ppl class sizes. Woot if Cruz Bustamonte were governor we would be Mexico!

its a bit big
6/10 for first pic
sickmate 8)