my first pk

i’m lvl 56 and i’ve nerver pked before.but today i saw 2 people who were friends just training on each other so i used bind then i pit on ultimate str and str pot and killed him!i got rune scimmy,addy scimmy,adddy 2h,rune dagger,and addy sq with some other stuff :smiley:

wheres the screenshot?

i made mistate thers no screanshot :oops:

Why would u kill ur friends

he didn’t say his friends,he said they were friends

congratz on the kill… what lvl were they?

they were lvl 56 and 57

Heh, good pk but what level of wilderness was it in? if id rate that pk id give it a 8.96857/10

it was lvl 2 wild

Congratualations! Hope you get more kills