My First RS Buddie I Made With Kit

I just saw the link to the kit for the buddie thingies cause i was curious on where the kit is to make one so i tried it out read the tutorial to making it and so i made a dude with drag plate and legs with glory ammy and then with paint i colored a black p hat which i know arnt on rs but would be cool if there is then i just outlined all the dragon armor with white cause i saw thehighlypkableones buddie avatar with the white outline and tried it a bit different anyways enough talking you can see the buddie which should be showing on my avatar or here:

and im currently working on a signiture for meh =\

Very good job for first time, 10/10 Great job!

thankyou i do have very much experiance with paint because i made website layout for other people and ive made myself a website for this online chat game.

urs is beter than myn :frowning:

lol your problem is when u tried putting pieces together you forgot to click the transperant box and also you saved it in the wrong format i suggest saving it as .png format. im thinking i should sell some buddies :o

before you sell them you should probably get the shield and wep in the right place :wink: otherwise very good for a first try! :smiley:

yea i should practice on that i tried getting the battleaxe handle in the middle of the hand and the middle of the drag square shield in the middle of the hand but not it looks crooked =p

Sorry to double post :frowning: but im just announcing i finished my signiture phew and it took a while to finish that mage buddie sheesh all the white outlines =p changed some colors in the buddy kit added my skill levels and yea now you guys can rate my avatar and signiture :smiley:

And you managed to complete that entire post using only one period. Your grammar teacher would have a fit!

erase the hand on the shield and it would be pimp beyond phim

that ones good

i really mean it

especially the way the white outline wraps around the buddy

howd u do that?

i dont reaally like bad buddies… but i do like good ones like that :slight_smile:
nice work with teh white outline!!! :slight_smile: :wink:

Another Buddy Newbies sigh Get Skillz !