my first sig ive made in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time

well i couldent find the graphix part of the forums so ill post it here.

what do ya think?

It’s in the Off Topic section. Search.

ask from a mod to move this or something mate :wink:

yea once they see it im sure they will.

I just saw it. :tongue:. Moved to General Art.

thanks ogo :slight_smile:

It’s okay, but needs a border, and it’s pretty big.

7/10 more blending is in order.

well… im just glad u said u haven’t made a sig for a long time… 5/10

not bad not a very gd render tho nd wots wiv the black dots …

I do not like it that much but still good.
I rate it 7/10, too wide!