My First Signature in Photoshop CS2

Well, a couple years back I used MS Paint and Animation Shop 3 to make sigs but then stopped for awhile. Yesterday, I got Photoshop CS2 and with the help from a tutorial and Alias, I made this signature.



Rate not Hate.

I already gave you some CC on BX.

Render, text, background and border ;).

Thanks, Alias, and thanks for telling me about BX.

Not bad, espcially for a first. Sigh Yet another awesome upcomer!

Heh, now you’re ready for Notorious! Back into GFX :slight_smile:

Try blending in the render more. It looks just flopped on. It needs a quick border. The text could be better, but whos couldn’t?

Very good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the c/c, Mage! And get on MSN or AIM please.

I will as soon as I can, but I don’t know if I can :frown:

What Text is that???

Century Gothic, it is a default windows font.

nice for a first
so did you get the cs2 trail or did you buy the whole thing ?

I got the trial and then a serial from a friend.

Aight cause I love the font!

o ok nvm i was going to give you a key gen but a serial is good 2 o and remember to block it with a firwall so they dont know that your using an illegal version

ps. if any one wants that keygen just pm me for it

9/10 for a first. Mine were REALLY bad.

Yea, Karma, that was the first thing I did after I activated it. Firewalls rule :stuck_out_tongue:

Destroyer, I just followed a tutorial and asked Alias about the stuff I didn’t know. It’s not too hard when you have help from an experienced artist.

is this correct

What do you mean Rs is the best?

Awwww I wanna learn how to make these modern sigs.

I just edited it, check out V.2.

Good job, with the border. It makes it look complete.