my first treasure trail

well i recently aquired members
not on pk_mager_af, or 1hit_pker_af, but on another acount pk_t3h_1337
i was doing my first treasure trail as i have never been member before
well anyway this is what i got and i heard that the green boater was worth something so i figured id post.
If anyone know the real price and wants to post it please do also it is for sale if anyone wants.
Also as i have never been a member before i need a lot of help. Anyone with any advice or sortof basic p2p items that i can have or buy would be appreciated. and feel free to add me for anything.

Green Boater is like 250k-300k i dont kno wat level it is but i say train for d long and dragon dagger and do new quests, mainly up to you :smiley:

its a pretty bad acount so far but here are its stats for any1 intereseted
51 attack, 50 strength, 20 def, 27(?) ranged, 16 pray, 32(?) mage 47 hits (?), 51 combat

pretty good…many more to come

Pk t3h 1337…isn’t that flip pnoy b 0 y’s account? And my name? Hmm?

Dude! My account and you got a green boater!!! Lucky noob :wink: Can I wear, after all it’s mine kinda…


lol heh u guys should share it! 1 hour each :smiley:

i helped him out on it tho…

okay, 30 min each :smiley:

get 60 att for drag weps… do fremnick trials if you want to wear fremnick helms… fletching is any easy skill to lvl… rock crabs probably provide best exp.

ghost ahoy to train pray, monkey madness to wield d scimmy, lost city to wield d long and ddp, hero’s guild to wierd dragon battleaxe and dragon mace temple of micelienia (how u spell it lol) so u can see how to manage ur own kingdom, pest control because its best exp and awesome game.
45 mage + so u can teleport to camelot for easier traveling :smiley:

Congratz! I’ve been a member for a while so go ahead and add me, I’ll try to answer all the questions you have…

Lol. My pure ftw! Hand over that boater p10x. I shoulda done that trail. It’s been sitting in my bank for a few weeks…


^^^^^it wasnt that trail and shhhhhh (my pure)

wow, thats a very nice reward for a first.

Nice! The hat looks cool.

congratz gl on more good rewards for clues in your future!

Gratz on the boater, all I got on my second level 3 clue was this:

thanks and it was a lvl 2 clue from edge guards rofl =P

Should made a different account members.