My first treasure trial reward

this one actually works. please rate my first one! :smiley: (btw i just got another this morning with a bunch of addy armor, but i didn’t take a pic)

click pic to enlarge

k…it worked this time
er. not bad for yer first 6 outta 10

cool :smiley: better than a 2

Ouch!, thats bad what level clue was it

congratulations(y am i being so official)…but the reward is…umm…kinda…

oh well… /10 (enter appropiate amount in blank)

it was only a lvl 1 two-step clue. so i thought it was good.

its allright for a first lol i completed 1 this moring i gt 2 k black long and 50 salmon :frowning:

Use the salmon for pking lol.