My getting Mining up *CLASSES* ^_^

Here are my classes for miners that want to get there mining levels up!! What ever level your mining level is the class you should take.

This includes the following:
You mine and I drop the ores so you can mine faster.
I will bank the ores.
You mine and when i come back you give me the ores that you got so far and so on.
If u have more questions e-mail me or PM and I will answer it!!

1-20: You will be mining Copper and Tin at Varrock mine! Cost: 5k

21-30:You will be mining Iron in Al-Karhaids mine! Cost:10k

31-40:You will be mining Iron still in Al-Karhaids mine but I will disposale faster.

41-50:You will be mining Coal on Karmaja if you done dragon slayer if not you will mine it at Draynor mine. Cost:25k

51-60:You wil be mining Gold ores on Karmja or if u can get in Crafting Guild. or Mining Guild if level 60 mining. Cost:30k

61-75: You will still mine Coal but in the Mining Guild. Cost:40k

76-85: You will mine Addy, Mith, and coal in Draynor mine. Cost:50k

86-99: Now you have completed the greatest task now you can mine rune ores. In the wild. not responsible if u die. Cost 60k

Where you mine might change! :jekyll-hy
All classes take place only on Friday and Saturday.
All times will be GMT -5

Err…how can we trust you?

if any one is goin to power mine, there gona power mine iron…

yeah… so we pay you to take our ours which we can sell… and we pay you to take rune ores that are 10k each… sounds like a great deal to me…

just to let you know when you get to ur destination you will get 50% back so its a good deal

so we pay you to have the ores we mine??

I have two words: RIP OFF!

you guys mine i take ores bank them and then when ur finished I give you 50% ores back

we could just bank ourselves and 100% back

well but if takes like way longer plus this has some special fetures that are not listed yet

So we give you our money and you either

A.) Dissapear from RSr never to be seen or heard form again.


B.) Acually show up and just take all of our ores.

Which one?

none i bank the ores for you and when u finished i give you 50% back

Well that sounds stupid we pay you to take our ores for say 40k and then when we are done you take 50% anyway well thats the biggest rip off i have ever heard! It should only cost the money and we get the ores back you just trying to scam yourself rich because all the ores added up from lvl 61-70 would be over a couple of mil easy…

So, u host classes for 99 mining? I will take it if you yourself have 99 mining, do you? If not then how can u teach other to get to 99 mining?

^ yea how can u?!?!?!??!?!?

Wait a minutes, We pay you and you take half our ores??

Nice class for someone with 64 mining…

look. i feel sorry for lovekin. stop trying to b a newb… PLZ!!