my goal is finished

now i am gonna work on 44 rc

Thats nice, i just got 50 :S lol :stuck_out_tongue: Do u realice how long it would take to get 44 rc :P?


not to long i hope

congatz ur catchin me up how many steel bars u got?

500 left but i wont smith for long now

27 to 44 rc huh… yeah thatll take a while. maybe like 10k ess, i guess itll take about 3 days maybe? anyway, congrats on 55 smithing. :slight_smile:

i am 31 rc now

My friend’s got 44 rcing =P He’s level 74, I believe…Lol. His smithing ain’t that good, tho.

Ill race you there i have 37 rc but im a poor lvl 62

Rofl what lvl are you? I got 55 smith at lvl 76 -.-

i ma combat 88
edit: lolz i am combat 80

y did u want 55 smithing?