my goal

Right now my goal even though im taking a break is 70 woodcutting and 70 fletching. so far im at this

Im 2 lvls till my fletching goal and 9 levels until my woodcutting goal. Im gonna take a break at 65 wc 70 fletching. Im still selling stuff so if you wanna buy something go to runescape and check out i give up.

Nice Stats! Whats Your CB?? 10/10

Great stats nolty, and GL on achieving your goals!

P.S:I thought you were quitting… That’s what I heard at least… Hm.


My combat is 89 im trying to get 90 but right now im fletching and woodcutting until 70 and 65. I am not quiting entirely im taking a break because its getting boring. Ima take a break once i hit 70 fletching and 65 woodcutting. Im gonna take about a one month break. but ima be login in everyonce and a while so no one hacks me.

i like ur str the best cause it will take me a week to get that str level…

After it you should try to get firemaking up lol, I do to.