my grade on this?

The Evolution of Birds

What Fossils are there?
Archaeopteryx, which means ancient bird, is one of the fossils that may be the origin of birds. Archaeopteryx was about the size of a pigeon and appeared during the late Jurasic era. Protoavis texensis was 75 million years older then Archaeopteryx but was more closely related to modern birds. There are also fossils of Terasuars, winged lizards, that may be related to birds. There is also fossil evidence that they may be related to dinosaurs, maybe directly, maybe distant.

Comparitive Anatomy
Birds are built in the same way as all other vertebrates including humans. The differences are flight, light bones, smaller bones, some combined to make one and some are loss completely!
One theory that scientists have about the evolution of birds is that birds are related to dinosaurs because of the way the bones are arranged and the way their feat are. They might not be directly related to dinosaurs, maybe even distant cousins. Another theory is they are related to Archaeopteryx or Protoavis texensis . Some scientists think that birds are more closely related to crocodiles and other reptiles because of the scales on their legs.

My Opinion
I think that Birds are closely related to dinosaurs because of the way their feet are. In China fossils have been found that may have feathers on them. The feathers may have been used for display, finding a mate, scare enemies, or for warmth. Evolution may have given some dinosaurs lighter bones and larger feathers, allowing flight, and creating Archaeopteryx and Protoavis texensis .
What do you think my grade on this would be?

Short, but good 8/10 :slight_smile:

well it depends. (these grades r based on what I think. I am not a teacher ;D)

If ur in 7th grade that would be a normal B

if ur in 5th grade that would be a B+ A-

and 6th grade, i think it would be a b+

It’s supposed to be under a page or we lose points, and its bigger on the paper. and im in 7th.

Oh, if ur in 7th u SHOULD get a REALLY high B or a normal A (maybe even an A+)

Good overall, but some structural problems. For 7th grade though it would be a B at least. But an A is always preferable, right? :wink: Hope the suggestions are helpful :smiley: Just my opinion on how to change some stuff, which may or may not be useful to you. (I am a high school senior with a 4.3 GPA though ;D)

I’m in 7th and I would get an A+ if I knew that. I don’t even know some of the words and I am a straight A student.

If you were in my Academic Year (England) that would be a D for coursework…but i guess grade 7 (guessing its Year 8 for us) that would be an A

No, your format is horrible. If this is sopposed to be formal wirtting then you might get a D. No personal pronouns, and no opinions.

I guess you could rewrite it, but depending on what grade your in, then I guess it would be ok.

He’s in 7th, lay off a little :wink:

So, He should still use proper format, and no personal pronouns in formal writting, bu I make a lot of kistakes when i’m writting to, to I have to make a billion drafts, but oh well.

Was the assignment to write an essay on it? Seems kinda short, but if the assignment was just to write a paragraph for the questions, then I’d say those are purrty good answers. ~_^ I like how you posted something that looks like you actually wrote instead of like certain other people who copy and paste essays from the internet or just put a couple of large vocab words together and make their essay a pile of confusing crap and ask people how they think they did.

I’d say an A/B.