my greatest duel victory!

lol, im 91 cb

congratz on the won stake a nice one at that

congratz man! thats pretty good…could you make it bigger?

lol… this is hilarious

paladin, your not first, and just click on it to make it bigger, imageshack wasnt workin, i dunno why

omg that stake own

clicking the pic really helps :slight_smile:

nice stake you got there? did he want a rematch? or did he just call you a noob and tele away from arena (this happens more often than you know… :wink: )

yer nice stake but like hatti said probaly called u noob and ran away also do u get xp in duel arena?

actually, we dueled 3 times, first i lost, then he won, then i won the stake one

very nice win, now give me it all :slight_smile:

oo ee oo aa aa ting tang walla walla bing bang oo ee oo aa aa ting tang walla bing bang!!! I need ur help witch doc i love someon hypnotise her so shell love me do it now or ill KILL YOU!!!

dam thats a good win. i wish i could win big, but i dont stake much. most pple that challenge me are noobs lookin for a free 5k. kechu, wtf? who is this guy?

Some frooby noob. Congrats on the stake, but shouldn’t it be in wilderness?

Congratulations. Over 800k there I believe.

Oh wow, very nice stake.


After 12 Posters, Im Gunna Spam My Thread.

You People Are Idiots!!! Hahahahaha!!! I Fooled You!!!1 It Was A Fake!!! Yaya!!! Lol!!!


thats a nice stake man good work

so was it really a fake or were you jk

I Sware To Holy Hell It Was Fake!!!1 Am I Good Or What???

did you make the whole thing if you did then your good if not your ok

well, i was there, and i beat that guy, then i thought, why not make a fake =)
i did beat the 101 tho