My griptape art

So I was proper worried I’d **** my griptape up. I made a design on paper: supposed to be a girl with a white rose…

3 decks ago was my last major grip defacing… A friend designed this based on the Union Flag, White Rose of Yorkshire and a scroll with old English style text (all of which are quite obvious). I just drew it on the grip.

What do you draw it with?

^most likely chalk.

your old one is sick, i tried that once, but failed.

Really nice, second one is amazing.

Chalk is FTL, I used semen uh… correcting fluid.

Wite Out? That idea crossed through my mind

Skate’s girlfriend?

stfu u wear a phat irl so gtfo

nice, specially second one =o
i’ll just get a pic of my old art;

Don’t steal skate’s thread, you :butthead:

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Anyway, +rep.

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Yes, this is a good article. Thank you for sharing. I’ve learned something. I’m waiting for more.

I was going to post a new thread but can I bump my old one with relevent updates?

I rode blank grips for a while but had a strange sudden inspiration to do this on my deck. It’s a Fibonacci approximation of the golden ratio - starting with the smallest square in the middle, if you add the sides of the next sized square next to it, it gives the width of the next square. The ratio of the widths will approach the golden ratio if you keep going in the pattern and you can also join them up to form a golden spiral. It’s pretty mathematical shit but can still be appreciated without even knowing about it.

Next up is my current grip. It’s a chibi version (super deformed) of the anime character Haruhi Suzumiya, probably one of the most well known modern animes in Japan and recently had a movie premier in Scotland.

After lots of white marker/correction fluid drawings, I decided to go with a different approach and try out griptape cut outs. For my first one, I think I’ve done a fairly decent job. The hardest part was actually finding the dimensions of the original NES controller so I could create this to scale.

Skateboards, you have too many of them.

Anyways, I’m liking it! Love the Fibonacci thing <3

ha sweet i like the spiral one and the controllers cool :o, havn’t bothered doin art on mine since the picture i posted lol.

I like them all :D, nice work. And welcome back!

“Oh why can’t you be real?!” :-DD

Nintendo one is badass though.

If you every run out of umm… ink, come see me :wink: