my improved noobish bank

well… here it is

rate and/or tell me if u wanna buy any
(im trying to sell the rune stuff [pl8,hatchet,pick)

3/10 im srry but that bank is just not goodonly thing goodin thereis the 435k

i know but its better than my older bank and im only lvl 34

yah lots beter

yeh i pked some ppl in wildy with mage and range and merchanted the stuff
(thats how i got ammys, some potions, rune stuff,)

i will show my bank some time i think you will like it

probly i like so many other people banks… theyr so shiney :wide-eyed


Only joking, thats better than mine.

:thumbsup: Big improvement great job :slight_smile:

wow thats way better keep up the merchanting!

You make it hard to see with all that writing. Not a bad bank. 6/10

ur right the only good things are the rune and the money.

thats pretty good, keep up the good work

ooh is the zombie mad?

ill buy the full green drag if you wanna sell.

thank u every1 for the compliments and darius ill sell u the top (i use the legs and vamps [i cant use the body)

ill buy rune hatchet… how much?

ill buy rune pick how much???

rune hatchet- 30k?
rune pick- 30k?
sound good?

I guess it’s quite good for a lvl 34!