My knee and stuff

Hey all, after all of this stuff going on in my life recently (some social issues, an injury I suffered to my knee, then surgery…), I’ve decided to stay on RSR, and not take a break as I thought I would. Since my nice brother ahem let me borrow his laptop, I can acess the internet in my room. So nice to be back… I guess hehe

Well thats good that your staying on RSR… But what did you do to your knee?

good for you nice to have you back.

Well Captain Zap I had AAU basketball practice last Friday, and came down really hard on my knee… In addition to one of my teammates falling over on me as well (it was all over one loose basketball during a scrimamge lol)

I see, well that sucks… I have troubles with my knee too. A few months ago I dislocated my knee cap and it hurt like hell… And that was alittle before track started so I couldn’t go out for track. But luckly I was able to go out for baseball…

Sorry to hear about you dislocating your kneecap dude… But at least you got to play baseball! Lol I sadly can’t play basketball to my fullest potential until at least fall :frowning: lol


Good to see that you are back, and that you won’t be taking a break… I hope your knee heals soon, and you’ll play basketball again :wink: Well, have fun here once again…

Hey malibu, sorry about your knee. I’ve dislocated my knee too, on the last basketball game of the season. Glad to hear you’re not taking a break.

~ :3dglasses Gogeta~

i had surgery on my knee last august on today im still not the same :frowning: