My life as of six months ago...

Hello Old Friends,

Some of you may remember me as the guy who single-handedly turned RSR upside down. Some of you may remember me as the guy who was once a “loyal” moderator of these forums but is now an out cast. With all controversy aside, I just wanted to come back and say hello. To those of you whom I don’t know, “Hello. I am J.T.” To those who already know who I am, well, you already know who I am. I’m not here to appologise or advertise for anything. I am here to thank you guys for making my life great. I honestly could not be at the point in my life I’m in now without you people. RSR was a great place for me to be; however, some people made bad decisions and pushed too many buttons. Some people got a bit too cought up in their own image that they couldn’t see the truth. Some people were blinded by false light and led astray. Some people acted fullsome just to get somewhere they really didn’t want to be. Some of you have no f-ing clue what the hell I am talking about, and if you are one of those people than click your back button on your browser and continue to read other posts.

I just wanted to say hello to the people who remembered me. If I hurt your feelings, I am truly sorry.

May the grace of God be will you always.

With honest love,
Ex-Moderator of RSR

Well, good luck with life.

This is an apology, for I was caught up in the whole RE thing. I apologise for flaming.

Hi J.T. I doubt you know me, but I know you.

What do you mean by a place you don’t want to be? I know the rest though.

Are you going to come back to RSR?

I also apolgize. I have flamed RE.


I don’t know you. I’m new here.
I pray that things are going well for you!

God bless you!

Jow, JTG, nice to see you again bro:D
It’s nice of you to drop by, i’m glad we all contributed to making your life good( or better). And i truly hope that we(rsr) can still do it.
Like magekill asked, does this mean your coming back to rsr( to me you never really left the place, but to some other people you did ;))?
I really hope so, although we had our differences, your still one of the best memories i have of RSR.

I made Order of the Arrow. :slight_smile:

i kinda know you but dont know why your not a mod… what happened?

Dang, you did?
I didn’t even know you were a Boy Scout. That’s two of us, then.
I’m only the lowest rank, though. Never bothered moving up.
:spin: Kingofallpie

Ah, good to see you again JTG. I was wondering where you have been.

I’m life… I got tapped out about a month ago. Got my ordeal first week of summer. I mentioned it because JT is in OA as well.

Good to see you back JTG :).

Wow, that’s fun.
I’m life too, but for some reason I just stopped caring.
Wish I cared, as I’m really close to Eagle.
:spin: Kingofallpie

You didn’t single handedly turn RSR upside down, unless you’re taking responsibility for the RSR hackings.

I love how cocky and conceited you are… acting like you’re so big. Do you HONESTLY think you’re that much better than the rest of us? …you’re just a computer nerd. Wooo, you can hack people… go you. I’d kick your ass irl if I had the opportunity.

Unless you hacked RSR, you did nothing. I remember when you were telling me over and over again…“In two weeks something big is going to happen with RSR. People are going to get in the boat… or on the dock… and the people that try and stay on the dock are going to get their legs ripped off.” To this day, I’m still not quite sure what you meant… but I don’t care anymore either.

I still remember you tried to have me banned. All of you are very cruel people. You, Netzero… Keyser… you’re all two faced liars.

No offense?

It’s true. You and I both know it…

Strange, you and Keyser both come back around the same time… RE getting boring?

Hey Jt, i remember u of course…U was good at Gunz, come back! xD

I remember you as ugly.

I bet he thought the same of you, you inconcedent prick.

You were a good friend of mine for a short while after I worked at RH with you, but now I completely agree with Sela. You are too arrogant and such. I don’t know what happened to you, you used to be so nice and stuff, but then you turned your back on all of the people who helped you get where you are and basically tryed to destroy the place where you got your first start.

And Sela, what he meant about the boat and dock thing was RE and RSR. He was saying that if people don’t go join RE and follow Keyser, Net, and himself they are going to regret it, go down with RSR, yadda yadda. Of course, though, he was wrong.

For once, I agree.

But he was ugly where it actually matters. In his heart.

Haha, he was kind of ugly if I remember right. I always thought he looked like a little oriental sumo wrestler.

And Sela, did you read what I said about the dock thing?

Lol… Several things come to mind… This is your first and only warning… Any funny business and you’re out the door, same ultimatum i’ve given Hardcore and Ratox…

Other than that, Welcome back