My Life Is Over. Goodbye All.

Well I have AIDS, great. Now I’m going to die. THIS IS ****ING GREAT!

I am sorry for any flaming I’ve done or anything. I will miss you all :’(. Goodbye.

I’d also like to say, that I really did love Sela. And I did things out of Scott telling me too. I will miss you most. There is no word for goodbye.

Alright… edited my post. I cant be that mean. Sucks to hear you have AIDS… Dont really believe it but… if its true, Im sorry. Hope you have a great life.

Wow. That is awful!!! I feel so bad :worried:.

How much longer do you have? Enjoy the rest of your life. We’ll miss you :frown:.

I feel so awful…

honestly, you really have AIDS? that must suck, this is why they need the cures for these things…for people to live

Jeff, you are a good man. :frown:
This stinks how you have AIDs. Life sucks. Enjoy the rest of your life and I hope you can overcome it. Good luck…

jeff danm omg thats a horrible, do you have Aids already or the stage before aids: HIV
? because you can put it off for some time if early stage

stinks you have AIDS. i hate life it stinks so bad. hope u can overcome aids and enjoy ur life :smiley:

off-topic : wats AIDS

its a Sexually transmitted Ifection/disease

so AIDS can cause death? does it happen continuesly or happen rarely?

its very common these days

oh dat stinks how do you get it???

ya because people with aids decid it sucks and if they have to suffer everyone else can suffer and has sex with tons of peeps…with out protection

wow that sucks man.

no offense, but the world is so overpopulated with humans, does it really matter if a few more people die? no offense meant to you…

still, that sucks to have AIDS…sry to hear it, hope you overcome it man.

AKA just said, its a sexual transmitted desiease, but there are other ways to get it

ya but having unprotected sex is stupid anyway, im not saying they deserve it but its just not a smart thing for any reason…

yes but thats wat is labelled as

Edit: ways to get:
-unprotect sex
-a person has a cut and touches your cut (blood transfer)
-shared neddles
-oral sex
-I think I read that 1 litre of saliva also does it (one heck of a french kiss)

i think it can accually be transmitted threw jeans

what are other ways to get AIDS

As AKA said, it’s a SEXUALY transmitted desiease (Sp?).

And Jeff, sorry to hear about this, hopefully you’ll be able to overcome this and live a full life. Doctors aren’t always correct when it comes to life or death.

yes if mother has and does not have a seasection the baby will get it

how can AIDS be transmitted thru JEANS??