my little story

i just entered the wildy right and i see this one mage thats the same lv as me(lv 64) so i decided to attack him. but everytime i attacked him he would hide behind the fence in varrock wild entrance and use air blast or somethin like that. then i go over to him and hit a 13 on him. he almost died but he ran away like a little wussy. a few minutes later, he attacks me behind the fence and i go over to him and he runs to the other side. so i chased him adnhe goes to the other side. we kept doin this for like 10 minutes. :x :x :evil: so then i decide to just go to a different world and as soon as i get there a mage clan destroys me. i had a skull over my head and and i lost full rune with rune scimmy :x :cry:

all i have 2 say is…hhahahahahahahhalmao :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

dao124, you won’t be laughing if it happens to you.

ya i no but it hasnt so hahahahahaha

Lol, it’s happened to me before. But a good friend of mine gave me money to buy back the full rune. He’s a good guy.

man i feel sorry for you
i hate being killed like everybody else does

dude ur lucky u have freinds like that i meet some1 one day and say see ya tommorow ten they lik ignore me… :cry: :cry: :cry:

These mages teamed me and I found out I brought RAW lobbies to wildy instead of cooked. I was in a rush and in my bank, the raw lobbies were next to the cooked ones. I was in a rush to help my friend in wildy.

this sucks all i have now is rune long and monk robes. maybe i should go pk with that…nah.

lol, did u bring ne food with u?

that stinks for you man

man that really sucks

Sorry to hear that but it is funny.LOL!

i did but i didnt have enough time to eat cause they each hit 15s and 16s on me and there were about five of them :cry:

ok it’s sad,but I’m always happy when a pk dies :twisted:

yeh plus if i remember correctly u was on ur lap top which made it harder to see the diffrence in colour

i feel your pain man

i would hate to be killed lik that… but u shouldn’t have changed worlds, :wink:

yer i dnt no wat id do if i lost me full rune :twisted: