My long term goal i cant wait for people to see this

theres my goal im going to be training alot its going to take a very very long time.

im probly going to get 110 take a break then go for it.

WOW that will probably take as much time as it takes to get from lvl 1-85

If people want to know thats my rs name and its a fake pic :wink:

why dont you make 126 your goal?

too many pray lvls

thats gunna take you AGES lol, but when/if you get that lvl it will have been worth it :slight_smile:

Good luck getting there cause it will probably be worth it although, because you’ve reached such a high level, you might have people wanting help from you because of your soon to be level…

its going to be a when :stuck_out_tongue:

lol im at 99 still trying to get to 100 :stuck_out_tongue:

you stink because u reached 100 :frowning: lol

best of luck though :lol:

I think you’ll probably find many people following you when you’re level 126.

good luck with that prob take u a while

What level are you right now?

well good luck hopr u make it

Have fun! :smiley:

Wow if you do get that far, i will call u and ask if u wanna go pking. :lol:

lvl 100 right now

post ur stats.i wanna see those.

just look here

good luck lol, but why 123? why not 126?

i already said that reason its because too many pray lvls