my luck

it started bad… i sold teeth end of crystal key… then i picked up loop end and i was like noooooo… but then 5 mins afterwards i picked up the loop end of the key =] plus many other items

Luck is kinda like that. Good job on being so lucky…:thumbsup:

Now you can use it o.o

lol ya and i just got a clue scroll was well =]

Haha… That’s very lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

very luck roe what lvl is the clue

lmao i might clear your bank if your gonna get loads of good items now lol

it was lvl two and i got nuffin from it and hawky i know bounty hunters so i can make ur name hunted down

so hawky says he might be a hacker…?

ugh i hate hackers they cant make thier money by themselves

i know, i got hacked out of 4m just a couple of days ago :frowning:

i feel sorry for ya…