My new armor

What do u think of my new outfit? , got rid of full rune , i like the look of full black (t) , so sold rune n brought black t , whatcha tink?

Looks good but now what are you going to train in?! Black armours defence sucks.

At that lvl you should at least be able to afford addy (t)

He said he likes the look of black (t)

but full addy (T) is around the same price as rune.

i woulda kept the rune…but its okay.

Addy t looks crappy :slight_smile: , plus defensively it still gives gd defence :slight_smile: , i see plently of lvl 70s to 90’s wearing full black t wid drag longs :slight_smile:

Lol I’ve seen them too… Also if I were you, I would have actually saved up for the Black (t) armor seperately, and sitll kept the full rune. It’d be good for looks… And combat. Lol


I guess it’s okay, how much did it cost you?

Nice. How much did it cost you?

i would have kept rune as well
although black does attract attention

Lol that’s cool… And if I were you, I would have kept the full rune, and then saved up seperately to buy the black (t)… So you could have both.


Cost me 180k ,so i was left with like 40k , i had full rune chain :wink:

That’s a pretty good deal, 180k…

That’s a good deal. I’m thinking about getting bull black (g). ANyone know how much that would cost?

Full black (g) is like 300k to 400k , depending on who selling…

Ok, I have enough then.

wow man. i like the black armor in all…but ur stats man…for a member? thats kinda crappy (no offence or anything)

try full black (g)…and it looks better and its more noticable…

I like the armour on the guy behind you better. I like black (t) more then black (g) for some reason.

well he can keep blk (t) then he save money for full rune for training