my new avvy and sig match!!!!!! so freakin tight!!!!!!!!!!!!

plzplzplz ppl rate my new avvy and sig 1/10 plz =)

nice avvy but i cant c the sig or its just a hyperlink not a pic but 9/10 for avvy

i cant figure out how to make it a pic

put at the end

as we all can plainly see i did what yu said and nothing happened

u added an extra /

ok ty =)

AAAArgh! the avvy makes me dizzy. 8/10 for the avvy and sig.

nice avvy i like the movement 8/10

Nice avvy… it’s kinda pretty cool with the movement… so 9/10, and the sig’s ok… 8/10.

ok ppl can anyone huess what anime these came from? ill give each person 3 tries =) ps, i love alchemy =)