My new avvy rocks

Plz rate it

wut prog do u use
o ya 7/10

its ok… 8.5/10… But your siggy is funny!!!

aaaaaaaaaah!!! its raining arrows!
sweet lol 7/10 8)

i despise that in every way, such a pointless sig, flame me if you want im just rather annoyed right now…

i do agree with pureking your avvy is very… un real stupid very blah

kid try to get a new avvy ok , oh yea and also i give it 1.0/10 ah ha

nukenu foo 78 combat

the lords have risen they come to seek me they rise upon the world, lerking down at me

i think ur avy is ok but still very plain…

oh and ur sig is kind of sketchy. u need to make it more smoooooooothe

5/10 not that good but all right i just like the prepared to be owned bit