my new buddy i made (pruple dragon [t], my first made up buddy)

plz rate my made up buddy 1-10 plz. i just made it it took me pretty long so i hope u like it!

P.S. Its my first made up buddy

its not hard to do an this shud be in screen shots

Cool buddy. How do u make buddies i’m new and don’t know what to do to get picture sigs.

it nice better than the normal 1’s peeps use. very creative

Thanx ^^ but i did ask you to rate didnt i?

10/10…i wish i could do that

it looks cool

i give it 9.5/10

sorry but it loks sort of demented…oooooo theres the head!

Its not hard at all i could do that in 5 mins… 5/10 i don’t like buddies anymore

good work, 8/10 sorry i dont like purple…