My new clan BETA. I need ideas.


I have created a few clans, none were very succesful. Anyway, I am starting a new one, but where to start? I am going to ask RSR, to see what one expects and likes for a clan. I need ideas for:

[li]A Name
[/li][li]Website (free host)
[/li][li]Other Ideas
I will also be needed someone who knows websites…I mean really knows coughChase312cough and a graphic artist.

A lot of clans usually have requirements so you can try making some requirements to join the clan and such…

I’ve always liked the name “Light” I don’t know why, but to me its sounds like a pretty good name. I could help you as a graphic artist too. Obviously Chase312 would be perfect for webpages and things…I could help with you clan I guess, because flopster’s didn’t go too well. I guess it must be really hard to start a clan…

Forgot to add them to the list…you make me sound dumb :lol:.

Fruity, we are of very similar levels, perhaps you could help me as co-leader.

Yeah I think that title would be nice for me :lol: . I’ll see what I can do.

Good. Fruity, do you know a good name for the clan?

Ill be happy to join the clan… I’ll make a website if you want but you’ll proberly want chase312 to do that.

I can be graphic artist though :slight_smile: I designed the logo for floppys clan. (well I did and then fruity refined it)

This is wrong forum…

Personal Signature Links Rock so they advertise well on forums, good combat level requirements, a few rangers, some nice mages, when its up i’d love to join.

Focker Out!

Hmm, I’ll make a list of ones I can think up :?

“The Guardians of Light”
“Heroic legends”

Thats all I can think of at the moment. As you can see, I’m not very inventive :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh names?

Light Justice?
Warriors Of Kandarin?
Rune Special Forces?
Ferocious Night?

Every single clan i know uses invision boards. So i suggest you use them, very customable.

I could be a grap artist.

Name = still thinking

Yeah true Jacob. I think that the requirements should be lets say 60+ combat or 60+ of a combat skill. The ranks should just be the leaders, High council and everyone else. Fun events would be PK trips, friendly wars, drop partys, fire fests, chicken dances :lol: , and general gatherings and such. When it comes to allies and enemies, we should get plenty of friendly allies but no enemies. Then we could be seen as a “friendly clan”. Just Ideas…

Wow guys, I am loving the support here! I like Heroic Legends, and I wa salso thinking Legions of Fire?

Jacob, I PMed you regarding that. That awesome abstract signature you had…if you could make something like that for it that would be great.

How about 60+ Combat, Mage or Range? And at least 50+ Combat if you want 60+ of any other skill? That way we would keep the clan’s average combat level to a good amount.

Handmedown, this isn’t in anyway in the wrong forum. It doesn’t fit any other description, if you read the ‘Clan Discussion’ one properly:

Wars, events and any other Non-Recruitment topics.

HL sounds better then LOF :stuck_out_tongue: You requirements sound good though, same with recruiting Jacob :stuck_out_tongue: What website hoster do you think your gonna use?

Good point. Should it be Heroic Legends or Heroic Legions?

[…::Heroic Legends::…]

/\ /\ /\ That looks cool. Perhaps stick with it.

I am still trying to hunt down Jacob :lol:. He is online now and I PMed him, now just waiting for him to reply…

So azz will you be recruiting?

Yep, as soon as Jacob replies or PMs me. If that is a few days, blame him :lol:.

Im combat 68 with 63 ranged [soon to be 70] and 50 mage [soon to 60] i fit the requirements perfectly?

Yep, when the clan is up you could be General.

Oh, I’m 70 combat…I haven’t been training for a long time.