my new (half) poem

ok i made a half a poem in the car today and i want to know what you all think. i already heard from iced earth…

This is the last hurrah
Take no prisoners
Kill em all

Swords drawn
Daggers in hand
Together we’ll take this one last stand

a bit harsh and violent, but nice work

ty… the whole theme is like were about to die and not goin down without a fight

its ok, not exactly original, but its ok.

what do you mean not original? i made it

I know that the words are original, but this is a poem topic that has been done so many times that well, its a very well tred path. Sorry, maybe I just don’t have a taste for it. btw keep writing

The first stanza sounds really really familiar… Kinda sounds like a lyric to a song I know… But it’s good on how you put the poem together… Good job…

thanks both of you but no i didnt take it from a song or anything."This+is+the+last+hurrah+take+no+prisoners+kill+em+all"