my new look

i fanally got 60 attack!!!yaaaaay!!! :wave: :wave: :smiley:

and here are my looks (2nd pic is dds)

rate pl0x! :smiley: :smiley:

ooh not bad 8/10

first post!

looks better with rune :slight_smile: gratz on 60 attack.

ty and just sold mystic for a dark cav, then sold cav for 200k and mystic air staff, how much is mystic air staff?

mystic air staff is like 2k lol. Dont wear addy helm it looks really bad. Get full rune if ur melee for sure.

its a rune helm :wink:

7/10 i like it very much

lol its addy. Get full rune if ur melee like i said. And maybe obsidian sheild or something.

congrats on the lvl and also look’n good

nto bad for your lvl 8/10

Mystic is only good when maging.Gratz on 60 attack.

gratzorz lol

No, it’s rune ^_^…

Good job, get full rune now =);

ok ill get rune, and how much are the new spears?

nice, im trying to get 60 attack also… what did you train on?

Not bad but I like it without the rune helm. Full mystic, d long and granite. 7/10 for the look.