my new outfit

Full Guthix!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! (if ne1 knos current price on it… id like to kno… thx)

ya…i can affird zammy and sara i just like the way guthix looks

sweet man, looks awosme, and i think the price is around 2.4mil 2.6mil, i can remember havent seen ppl accually sell full much

well i wanna kno price because i want to kno if i bought it for a fair price…

how much did u pay?

congratz I like it :slight_smile: You should work on getting a green p hat to go with

yea right… ive been playing for 6-7 months and i finally made 2000k…

Congrats. I’m saving up for one of the god armours. I just bought full addy g though, so it might take awhile,

That would take quite awhile to save for. It would look realy cool though.

how much does full rune trimmed gold

Nice guthix!
I’m going for full sara only 3.9mil left to go sigh

I’m gonna train on a few fire giants and get a dragon med… I need to buy ring of wealth first…

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Price Is Aboutm 10k For Full Hehe

10k for full what?

I don’t really like guthix armor. I like the god but I hate the armor. To me, bright green dosn’t go with light blue.

BloodFire :hot:

awesome, i like green :slight_smile:

This is off-topic but, can anyone size down the sig and post a code for it? I don’t know how to size it down…

Nice, so you paid 2 mill? It’s a good deal :smiley:

yea the price for full guthix at the moment is 2mil

lol nice i just got my g maul when prices where low so i will sell it soon nice job on getting full rune guthix