My New Outfit

I’ve been messing around at abyss making nats on my way to a yellow phat, but decided to invest a little cash into this. I’ll buy the rest of the pieces slowly until I can afford the phat I want.

You look pretty :blush: :P. Anyway I like it. :slight_smile:

No whip :o

Oh well you still have chain, nice outfit.

Hawt! ^_^…

Wow sweet, im a non member so don’t call me a noob 4 asking, whats that shield?

Awesome! You should get a square shield and scimitar.

Its an obsidian shield

And I said i’ll slowly be buying more pieces, whip is next

lol ur an old man! :hyper:

Didn’t you have a skirt and change to a girl? =D

When I was a poor desperate noob

u still are ^_^…

WOW nice look sport!

Gratz! Nice outfit. 10/10

you make me feel really good about myself… :frown:

maybe ur not AS poor as before, but ur still desperate for guys ^_^…

I think hes trying to tease you there sport :smiley: playing hard to get… Theres a disturbing thought 4 u all

SOO TOTTALY HOTNESS!! I like uh huh uh huh I like it ;). Lol good job

Nice outfit! The warrior helm and dragon owns.

I have a question: What kind of kite is that?

You mean yesterday? :). You had a skirt yesterday and I tried it out so you were a poor noob yesterday, that means. :D. Good luck getting full dragon, spawts.