My new Robin Hood Hat!!! =P

Look what I saved up for, A brand spanking ROBIN HOOD HAT!!!

3.27 mill, god dam! :lol:

looks pimperage, congrats!!!

congrats hope u enjoy it now get ranger boots to match :wink:

nice job

Very nice! All you need now is rangersboots heheheh :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats cool!
Yeah, now you have to get ranger boots! :lol:

ranger boots aren’t all that hard to get, 800k is fairly cheap, especially in comparison with the 3 mil that robins are worth

cool now wish i had them money to get 1

Thats one sexy hat!..but i cant afford one

Awesome! Those hats rock.

Dude how do you make money then. Wow though that is AWESOME

i think he spend a little to much money for it

thats awsome gratz and like everyone else said hopefull u can get the boots to match later on

ya the boots r like 700k i think

700K but i think boots are like 800K. But what do i know.

peopl sell for different prices

coulda gotten it for lik 400k ish less…

thats what i said

ps ur warnings r bothering me ded

Naw Rangers Can Go For 650 Flat. Gratz.

(Rancid Knights Foe Life!!!)
rk f03 l1f3 w311 0wn joo!!!

Ya, the guy I bought it from said he would of done 200k less, but I didn’t hagle that much.
I know, I know i need ranger boots know, all I have to do is save up 750k and thats easy.