my new sig - stage one.

do you like it?
the next stage is to animate.
EDIT: heres the rain one:

sickmate 8)

Yeah it’s not bad…
I think maybe a back ground will be good…
e.g. like rain coming down or something I’m not sure…

ok ill try that. thanks for the idea.
sickmate 8)

Great sigs you got there sickmate! It doesn’t matter which one you choose; they both look GREAT!

fully dickmate

wow i like both of em. very nice dude 9/10

Nice… i think both of them are great… good job :slight_smile:

thanks ppl.
i have made an animated one, i will post it when i get home (im at school lol)
sickmate 8)

Cool, I wana see the animated one.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

ok heres a basic animation:

sickmate 8)

Thats great! I take it as you make those sigs every month or so, to update your stats, or are the Javascript?

nice 10/10

i like both of them

i update it about once a week.
sickmate 8)

Very nice, 8/10, will match your siggys :slight_smile:


The movement makes it perfect. nice job 10/10

hey whatever happened to my greavous or chewbaca sig!?!?

hmm i like 10/10

if u still want it, pm me.
sickmate 8)