My new sig

how do you guys like my new sig?

do you like that one better or my old one (posted below)

i dont kno i kinda like both the same so ill give the new sig 9/10 and the old sig 8.9/10

I’m more familiar with your old sig, so I like that one better.

Old sig= 8/10
New sig = 9/10

But I’ll have to rate the new sig better because it looks more professional.

way better because the other one is kinda sloppy 20/10

thanks…any other comments?

11/10 looks pimp… alot better than your other one… ill be waiting for my avvy… i love your work… :slight_smile:

thanks! lol

100/10 great work! somday maybe i’ll be smart enough to follow the steps and learn…maybe some nice person will make me one! :!: