My New Website

If you are a WWE fan be sure to check out my website, Other additions will be added to it such as: new banner, new skin, higher amount of sig space and avatar size, and the new section: ECW! Please rate my site…ty

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nice website i a wresling fan my self we can chat more if ya like i put u on my buddy list on RSR

Not that big of a WWE fan here… It’s pretty cool… But nice website you got there sirjacob! You and venom, in my opinion, seem to be the biggest wrestling fans here

i like wrestiling a little bit i will sometimes watch it if i dont have anything better to do on mondays and sundays

im gonna be on there everyday
im the old skool wresting fan

Thx i just love wresling sirjacob seems to like just 1 wreslers but within me i like four Kane,Stone Cold Steve Austin,Undertake and Triple H

if you join make sure you vist th old skool section

nice one 8/10

i just magneed to join cool site 10/10 plz people u have to join this site its cool

LOL. This is my first website…

This website is not affiliated with RSR, so there will be no conversations about RSR on the website. You can mention that you came from there in the introduction forum, but no other…

*The Champ is Here

Hey people I advise you check this out if you’re a fan of wrestling… Also if you’re not even a fan, and want to become one, check this place out!


Thanks Malibu.

I have just gotten a new, temporary skin. Check it out!

*The Champ is Here

Yes i also what people to join this site. Already we have around 8 people, but around halve of them are moderators. There is a off topic section where u don,t have to talk about wresling, but we presome u talk about it, but like i said u can talk about anything in off topic section.

i really like it wheres the link for a free one?

Its all free. For u im just the guy how asks if people what to join,like i did to mail.We become good mates.Me and him talk alot to each other, soz if i was off topic there,but anyway It is totally free for all.:mischievo

Are you asking for a link to make a free site or what…?

*The Champ is Here

I’ll join the site

i hope you do its what i left rsr for

I need people to advertise this across the other WWE forums if you would. I have tried, but if more than 1 person advertises it, more will join.

*The Champ is Here

Can people advertise this site all over other forum areas chat rooms anywhere u can think of