my noob account scam

i once tried scamming with my noob account and i actually got an addy pl8 (t) out of it but i didnt like the idea so i gave it him back and an extra 10k

You’re a very nice person then, aren’t you? :bored:

~The bad man has spoken

so youre saying you gave someone 10k…

wait…you gave it back? why? you wuss. It’s not like you’d have to worry about your noob account getting banned.

That was nice of you to give it back, probably made him feel good.

um why are you guys talking about scamming people

^^Nicest person ever^^

k people like u make runescape and crapy game because u take it so serouisly and ur money greedy

yd u scam him in the first place if u werent gunna take the stuff

Ughhh your a decent bloke, so people on rs do have consciences then.

Yes, what you said. Why did you even had the idea of scamming him?

Yeah, scammers… this should be locked. I don’t know why. Just becuz 1 scammer did it doesnt mean the other million will stop or give the stuff back.